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Eclipse Streaming

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The most awaited third installment of the ‘The Twilight Saga film series’ is going to be in theatres on June 30 , 2010.Directed by David Slade ,the movie is based on Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Eclipse’ and revolves around a romantic-fantasy story of a vampire and a human. The first two parts of the Twilight series having been a big hit, much is expected of the third installment.

The three main casts, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black is played by Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner respectively. Bella, having found solace in Jacob, after Edward left her in the ‘New Moon’, has to now choose between the two. Edward , Bella’s vampire boyfriend and Jacob ,a werewolf are in for an ageless struggle depending on Bella’s decision.

The city, Seattle is disgraced with a series of mysterious killings as the vampire, Victoria continues her dreadful killing spree for revenge. Bella Swan is in danger again. But the worst part for her is to choose between her love for the vampire, Edward and friend, Jacob. She is well aware of the fact that her decision can trigger an endless struggle between the werewolf and the vampire. With her graduation round the corner, she realizes that she has to choose between life or death.

The movie is all about the decision Bella takes for the good and about how the werewolf and vampire line in for a duel for Bella’s safety. It seems like finally the war is going to happen. Jacob, having got more close to Bella in the ‘New Moon’, now feels the warmth of having her around and feels she is not safe with Edward anymore. Meanwhile Bella’s dad, Fork’s Chief of Police is still on the prowl for the culprit behind the brutal killings in the city.

It is going to be a choice between love and friendship; life and death for Bella Swans. How she handles the circumstances and does her best to stop the possible disaster, forms the cream of the movie. Both the previous installments of ‘Twilight’ have ended in victory for the romance between two people who are poles apart. The third installment is expected to be the best among all the three, and what it has got in it, one will get to know only on June 30,2010

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