Eclipse Full Movie

Eclipse Full Movie

Eclipse Full Movie: aren’t you excited about the new movie of Twilight, Eclipse? Can’t you wait to admire  our two hot boys, Bob Pattison and Taylor Lautner on screen, trying to do everything they can to protect Kirsten Stewart, our Bella? Well, wheter you are Team Edward or Team Jacob… do you want to watch Eclipse Full movie online for free right?

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If you are not in a hurry you can give a read to my article about Eclipse full movie.

Following the huge success of the first two editions of the ‘Twilight Saga’, David Slade is al set to release his third installment of one of the industry’s most romantic-fantasy. With the leading role played by Robert Pattinson, as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swans have undoubtedly formed the heart throb of the youth. The movie is unique in itself owing to the fact that it revolves around a love story between a human and a vampire, with Jacob Black adding the extra flavor as the werewolf.

Edward Cullen, belonging to a family of the vampires, each gifted with a special talent, falls in love with Bella Swans, the daughter of Fork’s chief of police. The budding romance between the two has been the essence of 2008‘s first release, ‘Twilight’. With the gaps being bridged, the base for an evergreen romance was set. The love for Bella becomes so intense, that he kills fellow vampire, James. This triggers a merciless killing spree by Victoria, who craves for revenge.

Victoria’s rage is for Bella and only thing that can quench her thirst is Bella’s death. This forms the kernel of the story. While Bella is in a dilemma to choose between true love, Edward and friend, Jacob, they seem to be at a difference of opinion owing to her security. Bella’s decision between life and death is capable of creating a never ending conflict between the werewolf and the vampire, a fact of which she is well aware.

Jacob became more intimate with Bella, in the second installment, ’New moon’ of 2009, after Edward left her. He now feels, Edward is incapable of handling a tender soul like Bella. Meanwhile, Edward finds his lost love Bella who he realizes is his true love. Her security, and the essence of her friendship increase distrust and hatred towards Edward, in the minds of the werewolf, Jacob. Bella, on the verge of finishing her graduation has too many things to decide for herself and the city, Seattle. The truth that she can choose only one between love and friendship becomes a fact, too difficult to accept for her. The ruthless murders by Victoria, sends a tremor of terror in the city. Bella’s dad, Charlie Swan is the officer in charge of the whole case.

The vampire, Victoria needs to be stopped, for the city to live. Bella, too has a tough call to make. One has to wait till June 30, 2010 to see if true love wins over evil, if Victoria can be stopped. Let’s wait and watch what the ‘eclipse’ brings for the fans of the ‘Twilight Saga’.


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